Golf simulators are taking the game of golf to different levels in today’s markets.  Our hectic schedules in today’s time with family and work leaves limited time schedules to golf.    At Prestwick Country Club you can play one of Indiana’s most popular outdoor 18 hole courses or you can enjoy the indoor simulator in our Members Room if the weather is not adequate for your game.  Come play on our Full Swing simulator and enjoy courses around the world.  Call us at 317 745 6448 to book your simulator time.  .

Our simulator room is a private room that can host small parties and get together for your indoor golf event. Book your next Simulator time in a private room at Prestwick Country Club.


Weekdays before 12:00pm
$35.00 PER HOUR

Weekdays after 12:00pm
$45.00 PER HOUR

Weekends, holidays
$50.00 PER HOUR

Email us about our simulator program or call us at 317 745 6448